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Root Canal

Root canal therapy provides a safe and effective way to remove infected or inflamed pulp from the center of a tooth. By undergoing a root canal, you can preserve your smile and avoid an extraction. At Thrive Dental, in Bayside, Queens, the team boasts years of experience performing root canal therapy. To make an appointment at the practice in New York City, call the office today, or click the online booking feature.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is an outpatient procedure that preserves a permanent tooth. It involves your Thrive Dental provider removing the pulp from the center of your tooth and replacing it with a material called gutta-percha.

Tooth pulp provides sensations to your teeth. It’s made of nerves and connective tissue but isn’t necessary for their long-term survival. By removing pulp that’s infected or inflamed, it’s possible to reduce the risk of more serious complications.

 Why would I need a root canal?

The team at Thrive Dental uses root canal therapy to repair damage to the tooth pulp caused by:

  • Chipped and cracked teeth
  • Extensive dental work
  • Untreated tooth decay
  • Getting hit in the mouth

Common symptoms of pulp damage include tooth pain, swelling, or a sensation of heat in your gums. If you experience any of these issues, make an appointment at Thrive Dental right away.

What does a root canal involve?

At Thrive Dental, a root canal takes two visits about a week apart.

First root canal visit

Before conducting a root canal, your provider takes oral X-rays and asks about your symptoms. After reviewing your X-rays, your provider numbs your mouth and removes the pulp from the center of your tooth. Then, they fill it with a material called gutta-percha.

When the gutta-percha dries, your provider takes impressions of your tooth with an intraoral scanner. Then, they bond a temporary crown on top of your tooth to encourage your body’s healing process.

Your provider sends your impressions to a dental laboratory that manufactures a permanent dental crown that fits your tooth perfectly.

Second root canal visit

When the laboratory finishes your custom crown, you return to Thrive Dental. Your dentist bonds the new crown to your treated tooth, polishes it, and explains how to care for it.

What is recovery like following a root canal?

Following a root canal, many people experience mild swelling, increased tooth sensitivity, and some discomfort. To speed up the recovery process, the team at Thrive Dental recommends using desensitizing toothpaste, brushing and flossing gently, and avoiding extremely hot or cold foods.

Your mouth should heal within a week, but if your symptoms persist for any longer, contact the team at Thrive Dental. 

To see if you can benefit from a root canal, make an appointment at Thrive Dental by calling the office today, or clicking the online booking feature.

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